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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Hi Hi Hi!

This is going to be an 'I ate chicken soup today' type entry! :) Otherwise known as haircut blogging...

The past two weeks have been intense with midterms. Two weekends ago was especially bad, as I spent Friday and Saturday up at school taking handwritten notes (my prof had frozen the circulation so we couldn't even take the books to the computer lab next door), Sunday writing the paper, and Monday I skipped school to continue writing it. Then, exhausted from that paper, and having to do filming for Phonics in Action in the meantime, my next paper was submitted four days late :|

I finally got out on Sun nite, to Richmond Night Market, which was totally fun. I bought two dozen Hello Kitty undies and two Pokemon cellphone faceplates. Not. I just got socks and a wallet. Mike got this wooden dragon kit to hang from his ceiling. The food was supergood and not as pricey as I expected. But I got sick after, and none of that yummy undercooked octapus or taro bbtea stayed in.

Last night, Sherry and her friend Adrienne were out on the town so I joined em in the middle of their Robson prowl. They are quite 'thorough' shoppers ;) but I'm GLAD SHERRY GOT THAT BLACK TOP!!! I did not find my beloved Pumas. They look like this! in case anyone out there is a closet Puma alfrectionado (I doubt it!).

After dodging three-legged dogs and shirtless monstrosities, we arrived at the Boathouse.....and waited. And waited. And WAITED! And ate. The pepper grinders were about 12 - 14 " long. Then, we took the bus back, and Sherry spotted some heinous PDA. And there were cupcakes that looked good from far away but they were $2.50 for a regular sized one. Cakes were $40. Whoever would buy a tiny $40 cake with plain green frosting and butterfly cookies is nuts.

Oh yeah, yesterday I woke up at 5:30 so I went jogging in the watershed park before the sun rose! It was tres dope. My dog looked so cute sleeping, but I woke her up and she blinked groggily a few times... but then got super excited to go as per usual. I can wake her up at any time of the night and she'll always be psyched to go for a jog. Except she's getting old so near the end of the jog I'm pretty much dragging her along.

On mon. I went to Sears (Sears on Robson, as they call it.. haha.) to get Pam and PJ their wedding prezzie (wedding's on Sat). I was astounded at the Gift Registry service. OMG. Level 5 is totally dedicated to wedding presents. Porcelain dolls and a weird floral arrangement using barley grass or something, and beds. Tons of beds. Anyway there is this sleek touch-screen banking-machine thing where you enter the name of the bride or groom-to-be, and it gives you their wishlist, items that have been bought and ones remaining. You print out the list, a sales associate locates the item for you (in this case, a glass teapot), and they gift wrap it for you! All in under twenty minutes. I almost regret not having seen the days when wedding gift shopping ='ed hair pulling-out, 4 hour crisis.

And now I'm just lounging around the house before dental appt. while Sherry and her friend attempt the Grouse Grind. It is not your time to go yet, say the muses. You must desire to go more, then we will allot you the opportunity.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Just putting this out to the masses:

Anyone want to split some cheap webhosting? It's about $100/year for the biggest package, with unlimited domain names. I thought it might be cool to split it with 2 or so others.. about $35/yr. Then we can always use the other domain names for additional websites or host friends' sites

Otherwise, I will just sign up for the one-domain hosting, which is about $45/year. :)

Thursday, June 12, 2003


Act 0 Scene 0:
-Wake up to radio talkshow host asking who has the slogan "Share moments share life."
-Press snooze button
-Suddenly curious, turn radio on to see if its 'Kodak.'
-They're on to the next question already :(
-Study for hour or two for midterm
-Brother is having ona dem long half hour showers. Fill time packing 10 course lunch.
-5 min to shower before bus
-make record time, proud.

Act 0 Scene 1:

-LOSE BUS PASS!!!!!!!11 Look all over house, in pocket, throw stuff in air. Miss bus. Find bus pass (by computer C)
-Dad's whiny southern blues song has been playing on repeat for three hours. Song incorporates itself into head. (Song must be entitled 'Look what they've done to my song' because thats what the chorus, refrain, main verses and solo say.)

Act 0 Scene 2:
-On way out door, notice big hole in new jeans. inspect. Must have caught it on something looking for bus pass? Poke at hole. It widens.
-Arrive at busstop. Look at hole. New hole is growing next to original hole. WTF?! -Closer inspection reveals something is eating away at my jeans. I poke at a white spot and the material vanishes, creating a third hole. It appears i have splattered my jeans with some kind of bleach.
-hope that rear of jeans are not growing holes with which to reveal my pink panther lululemon undies.
-Look What They've Done To My Song™ makes re-appearance in head.

Act 0 Scene Three:

-arrive late to tutorial.
-1 hour of study for midterm
-arrive to midterm. find out there is no midterm for the class; i had mis-read my agenda.
-come to computer lab to report this
-about to go to library to consult reserves for a paper next week.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

I was daydreaming about what I would tell someone about their photos. They all look like a different person. They all look like beautiful people, but different. Why? Because .. I am so enamoured with the concept that I am really looking at the picture of this one particular person, that I immediately lose track, and my mind starts wandering about all the parts that make them a whole. And because of that, I can't see the whole image as it sits there, staring at me. But that is perfectly fine; I like the depth of the enigma and how it plays with my brain.

I hate rollerblading around this neighbourhood. I mean I like it, because I like blading, and I found a new close area that is relatively flat, to practice stopping. But I hate the fact that there is nobody my age in this neighbourhood. There are a few highschool kids, who get all primped up to stroll around the block. Then there are the older chinese speedwalkers and the 40-ish slow-walking couples. Once in a while a young couple and baby. After blading around a bit, I realize how this is such a not-my-agegroup neighbourhood, and that all the 20-somethings have moved closer to downtown.

So anyway, I improved a bit with stopping but I have to remember not to go out during rush hour next time. I was coming down the same hill that I wiped out on last time, and starting to pick up speed again near the intersection. I planned to turn right, towards my house, but a car suddenly appeared from the right, and not wanting to hit it with my wide turn, I suddenly chose to turn left. The car waited while I careened down the dead end street, unable to stop. Wheeeeeeeeee! Later my brother said he had been that car and that I looked like I was 'about to lose control.' Dammit all to Cinncinnati. I can't even keep up the facade of looking in control.

In other news, I couldn't get onto the Granville St. bus because I hadn't figured out how to close my newly-purchased umbrella.

PS. I think I enjoy sado-masochism towards my plants. A cup of water has been sitting beside my parched plant for a while, but somehow I didn't want to water it. Why? Well it was good drinking water, after all, and if i didn't drink it today, I might drink it the next day! Finally my mom (God bless her mercy) saw the juxtaposition of glass of water and parched plant, and relieved the thing from its suffering.

Friday, May 09, 2003

when you're in elementary school you don't worry about much. except for irrational fears like your parents dying. you have huge long-term goals. your eyes are set on becoming the youngest author in the world, or the most famous actor ever.

when your're in middle school you worry about fitting in. your eyes are set on clothes.

when your'e in highschool you worry about fitting in--- and preparing for uni. will your grades be high enough? entrance exams? AP exams? SAT? college vs uni? student loans? what to major in? job market for that major? your eyes are set on getting to university.

when you're in uni u worry about getting just above that 2.0 GPA so u graduate. u worry about student loans. co-op option? tuition fees! if you don't go to uni you wish you had, because nobody will hire you. if you are in uni, you wish you didn't graduate so fast and slowed down to gain experience because nobody will hire you. your eyes are set on a secure entry-level job, working under management.

.....................................then, finally, when you start building your career, you can relax and breathe because this is where you worked so hard to be, isn't it?

but no. when you're in a stable job, you worry about being laid off. you dream of either climbing the corporate ladder or creating your own business. if you made your own business you'd never have to worry about being laid off, could shed these crummy hours and stressful bosses. your eyes are set on creating your own business. but to do this you need more experience in this current job, and money from it to build capital. you twiddle your fingers and count the years.

when your small business begins to take off, i'm sure you worry about something, but what? marketing, hiring outside staff, not being able to produce according to demand, raw materials costing more than finished product, no pension or health benefits, what of RRSP's and EI incase your industry goes through a recession. oh you probably also are married with kids and a mortgage now so there is more worry. you want your kids to grow up so you don't have to carry them around and feed them. your eyes are set on sending them to university so your spouse and you can spend retirement travelling. when you are travelling, though, you hit some third world countries and feel uncomfortable as tourists. you aim to start doing volunteer relief work. if only you could start a volunteer relief organization! oh but you are now in debt thanks to to RRSP's and your children's costly education..................................

"irrational worrywart that girl is," i hear you say... but the moral of this is.... we always think we are in the crux; the turning point of our life, whatever stage we are in. if we just pass this stage everything will be fine. not so. we look up to people one or two stages past ours and think they have it all together and could want nothing more. but they are just like us. so i want to work hard at completing the stage i'm in, but sit back and breathe as well, and marvel at how i got here. this stage was, from the vantage point of my last stage, all i worked toward. so i need to go outside and jump around in a puddle and twirl my arms and know that THIS is the life i've always wanted, and THIS is as good as it gets.

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Wow four months of blog-free bliss. Uh-oh I am back.

I always find others' fun to read, so here goes:

Color: blue
Scents: 'love spell' from victoria's secret; berry lipgloss, guava and mango fruits. fruits!
Flowers: lilac, buttercups, roses on bushes
Board Games: pictionary. but it really depends on the company.
Video Games: none
Sports to Play: soccer. i haven't played for years tho.
Sports Teams: plan to get into soccer. i hear leeds is cool to cheer for.
Outdoor Activities: boating, canoeing, camping
TV Shows: martha stewart and other do-it-yourself shows. madTV. seinfeld.
Movies: when harry met sally. the professional.
Actors: can't think of the guy in 'when harry met sally.' goodness!
Actresses: meg ryan.
Music: house
Magazines: i like flipping thru trashy paparazzi mags once in a while
Books/Authors: Memoirs of a Geisha, A Fine Balance
Cereals: original cheerios, rice crispies
Fruits: lychee, cherries, watermelon
Snack Foods: crispers, sunchips, celery, cheese
Cookies: Chocolate chip, shortbread
Candy Bars: twix
Alcoholic Drinks: those fruity ones. also those fizzy ones.
Non-Alcoholic: cranberry juice, jackfruit milkshakes, tea (hot or cold)

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

madames et monsieurs, i am on an unofficial blogbreak. kind of getting tired of this whole format and slant. a blog identity crisis u could call it. it gets kind of boring blabbing about yourself after a while. i want to have a distinct theme, if i am to keep blogging. throughout my browsing i have noticed many blogs are built on different themes. some photography. some excerpts of books and poetry. some on the status of favorite countries *cough*. some are extremely personal while others are magazine-style. so i am going to go live life for a bit and hopefully, if/when i come back, will have brainstormed a fresh new blog format and theme.

Saturday, December 28, 2002

cookie. (choc. chip)

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Merry Christmas :)